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SV Series

Forced inverted flame combustion wood-fired boilers

SV wood-fired burner

The "Blue Flame SV" boiler series is the result of over 40 years of experience to our credit as boiler manufacturers.

Inverted flame combustion, unlike burning with the traditional upward rising flame, ensures a gradual consumption of the firewood and hence longer fuel autonomy.

In reverse flame boilers, the combustion takes place at high temperature with the flame being drawn downwards and concentrated in the area of ​​the brazier.The loaded store of wood that is not directly involved in the combustion process is gassified due to the high temperature.

The gases given off from by the wood is forced to pass through the incandescent brazier where it combusts, producing the characteristic blue flame of reverse flame burners, with a considerable reduction in unburned material and a combustion efficiency of up to 86%.The flue gases yield their heat to the water passing through the horizontal tube bundle heat exchanger.

The steel combustion chamber has a thickness of 8 mm and the bundle tubing is weldless.

Technical Specifications


SV:with a force fan placed in the front section of the boiler.The combustion air is pushed into the boiler and the combustion is pressurised.When the loading door is opened, the smoke is deviated and aspirated directly from the chimney by the effect of the natural draft.

SVA: with the suction fan installed in the rear section of the boiler.The combustion air is sucked in the boiler and combustion takes place under depression.When the loading door is opened, the aspirator activates and forcibly conveys the smoke to the chimney.

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